Your Domain Name is the First Impression You Will Make on the Public

Have you ever considered how to make the best first impression on someone? Whether it’s a college professor, a new boss, or a blind date, you definitely want to impress them. It’s the exact same principle when you are a new business owner.
If anything, the stakes are even higher because you are trying to sell them something. In this case, it’s yourself. You have to convince them that you are a reputable provider of the goods that interest them. The name that you choose for your new domain will go a long way toward determining your ultimate success or failure.
If You Play Your Cards Right, You’ll Be Dressed to Impress
It all comes down to a variation on the basic principle of dressing for the job you want, not the job you have. If you play your cards exactly right, you’ll make the best possible first impression on your new audience.
It all begins with the domain name that you choose for your new business website. This name needs to describe your new business in a way that is attractive, memorable, and informative.
How Can You Be Sure You Are Giving Your Domain the Right Name?
So how can you accomplish this neat trick? The answer lies in the way that you approach naming your new domain. The name you choose should be short and to the point. It also needs to be easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and easy to remember.
Once you have chosen a name, say it out loud. Does it roll easily off your tongue? Say it to your friends. Do they still remember it five minutes later? If the answer to these question is yes, chances are good that you have chosen the right name. But there still other hurdles that this new name needs to pass.
How Can You Make Sure Your Domain Name Isn’t Already in Use?
The last thing you need to make sure of is that the name you have chosen for your domain isn’t already being used by someone else. You don’t want to make a bad choice that will result in an immediate lawsuit for breach of someone else’s intellectual property. The name you choose needs to be absolutely unique and original.
You can use a registry checker to check available domain names. Your domain hosting services provider will be glad to provide you with this handy tool. You can use it to make sure that your name is completely in the clear. Once you are sure of this, you can snap it up for a song and get your site on the web.

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