4 Web Design Tips for Berkshire Small Businesses

Small business is booming in Berkshire. In Thames Valley Berkshire there were 34,250 micro businesses (employing zero to nine people) and 3,300 small businesses (employing 10 to 49 people) in 2014 according to Nomis. While this is good news for the economy, you need to stand out much more effectively in order to attract customers and make better profits. One key way to improve your business presence is through your website. Here’s how to create a better website to attract visitors from Berkshire and beyond.


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  1. Create Content for Your Small Business

Content is king, so they say, and you have a set range of needs to create for your small business. Ensure you cover the bases with your copy, including a contact page, an “about us” page, and sitemap pages, and then you can focus on the copy that will enhance interest and bring about a return on your website investment. The copy should be easy to read, logical, and contain a strong call-to-action. You should be selling benefits rather than products or features – the copy should tell people why your Berkshire small business can help them solve their problems or achieve their dreams.

  1. Use Amazing Imagery

It goes without saying that the internet is a highly visual place. Are you using the best images for your site? Images project a vision of your brand and your business. Using small, badly-taken photos or irrelevant images and cartoons will drive people away even if they do not consciously register why. Large, professional photos that are specific to your business work well.

  1. Employ Simple Navigation

A website you can’t navigate turns into a disaster. Make the most of your unique strengths by allowing visitors to easily access your site. Simplify the options you give to people – too many choices results in paralysis. Use simple, direct language and make it intuitive for visitors to get around your site.  Put the main navigation bar at the top of the page to make it easy to find, and allow visitors to click on your logo to go back to the home page, for example.

  1. Choose the Right Supplier

When you are looking for professional web design Berkshire offers a range of options. You can choose an agency, or an individual designer. Different companies and individuals offer different packages for web design ranging from the complete design plus follow-up work and content creation, to individual tweaks of an existing site or an update to SEO functionality. Think about what you want to achieve and how much you have to spend. If you are willing and able to write content yourself, update the site, and maintain SEO then you can choose the base design and handle the rest yourself. Or you can pay to have your website regularly maintained. You could, of course, design the website yourself and put these tips into action on your own but be prepared for a lot of hard work – you need a lot of time and some expertise in order to create something special.


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