4 Web Design Techniques that Will Increase Sales Conversions

Businesses spend lots of time, energy, and money attempting to promote the visibility of their websites. Naturally, this is an important element to digital marketing success. Without an effective SEO strategy in place, most small companies will struggle to drive traffic to their website. However, it’s not enough to simply get people to click on your home page. There’s a huge difference between “page views” and “sales.” If your company is able to draw in lots of online leads, but you’re having trouble converting these visitors into sales, then this article is for you. Here are four web design techniques that will boost sales numbers:

Mobile Accessibility

People use mobile devices to access the internet constantly. What’s more,  79% of smartphone owners have used their phone to make a purchase through an ecommerce store in the previous six months. Therefore, it’s crucial that businesses create mobile versions of their websites that are easy to use and fully functional. Simply transferring your desktop site to a mobile format is not a good idea. Rather, take some time to create a mobile site that is just as effective as your desktop version. Lastly, some companies may even decide to develop an app to further streamline mobile interactions with customers.

Offer to Help

Some companies have relatively basic setups. Their websites are easy to navigate and their products/services self-explanatory. On the other hand, many businesses operate in niches. And they may boast a huge array of various products/services. Such a site can be overwhelming to some visitors. Given that fact, it’s a smart play to include a pop-up that gives visitors assistance. A well-programmed chatbot can answer common FAQs and point consumers in the right direction. Or, simply allowing visitors to get in touch with a customer service representative can boost sales figures too.

Balance Function & Flash

Obviously, it’s important that business websites look appealing. At the very least, company websites need to look professional. Otherwise, consumers may not trust your brand. Still, it’s wise not to get too carried away with adding lots of gimmicks and flashy design choices to your site. Remember, the goal of a business website is to provide information and encourage sales –– not to wow visitors with a series of digital tricks and gags.

Test, Test, & Test Again

Whether your company sells road barricades or used books, site functionality is fundamental to sustained success. Few things are as damaging to a business’s brand than a website that’s full of bugs or that doesn’t work properly. The best way to protect your company against such an unfortunate outcome is to test your site on a consistent basis. Regular site maintenance isn’t glamorous, but it’s vital all the same.




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