Why Should Companies Have a Social Media Policy?

Most of the time, it is easy to be a nice boss. However, this isn’t necessarily always the approach that is the best for your organization. One aspect of management that you may need to toughen policy on is social media. It is crucial to have a social media policy in your workplace for a few key reasons.

Social Media Policy

It Outlines Acceptable Social Media Practices
The biggest advantage of a policy regarding social media at work is that it demonstrates to employees what they can and cannot post on social media without receiving punishment from the company. Most punishable instances of social media being abused are black and white; what the employee has posted is clearly detrimental to the image of the company. However, if there isn’t a social media strategy in place, there is no company precedent barring this type of behavior! Social media governance is practical, as it sets precedent with your workers in regards to how far they can go in speaking and posting about the employer or company.

It Outlines Confidential Information
The last thing that you want to happen on social media is for a well-kept company secret to come out, such as what your burgers are made out of or how tips are divided at your establishment. While most information that may be confidential isn’t as slanderous as the examples posted above, it can still be against the best interests of your company for an employee to spill important secrets about how business is operated! Be clear and let employees know what they can and cannot talk about on social media.

Social Media Use Reflects the Company
Whether they intend it or not, all of your employee’s actions and activity on social media websites will ultimately be a reflection of your organization, if not directly your skill or power as a manager. Teaching employees to be respectful of others online and to think about what they are saying and the potential consequences of this can help to keep the company name clean as well. While safeguarding against negative social media actions, employees can also be taught positive social media techniques which may benefit the company; for example, teaching employees to be environmentally conscious online may demonstrate that you are a ‘green’ organization.

To be blunt, it isn’t hard to create and manage what individuals within your company do and say on social media. This policy will be better in the long run for you, your company, and your employees.

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