What On Earth Happens In One Youtube Minute

Did your clothes dryer suddenly stop? Are you struggling with that knitting pattern? Do you need to see how to change the oil in your new car? It seems like any problems is solvable as long as you go to YouTube and do a quick search.

But it doesn’t stop there.

If you need something to make you smile after a long, hard day, there’s a YouTube video for that. Is there a song from your past you want to hear again? Yes, you know it – YouTube will most likely have it, and by the original artist, too.

Because of all this, it is not surprising to hear that YouTube is the third top website for traffic, just behind Google and Facebook; however, the number may shock you. People go to YouTube to view a whopping 2,777,777 videos every minute. If that doesn’t impress you, consider this: YouTube viewers subscribe to at least 1,388 YouTube channels a minute.

To illustrate this momentous audience achievement by YouTube, here are some other exciting things that can happen in a YouTube minute, including the fact that people upload as much as 100 hours of video every 60 seconds.

And what about those YouTube channels we love to subscribe to for updates and notifications? Have you ever wondered how much money the most popular channels make? From Pewdiepie and BlueXephos, to JennaMarbles and the all-too AnnoyingOrange, find out how much revenue these viral stars really earn.

We all know how huge YouTube is, but exactly how big it really is surprising to most people. YouTube is more than just a viral video website, it is an enormous money making machine, as you will see when we discuss exactly how much it makes every minute of every day. The next time you go to YouTube, remember, you are definitely not alone.

source: YTD


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