Re-Invent the Web Again For 2014

Web design has continued to evolve over the years and so this year is not any different. It is expected that the trend will continue to change and we are going to look at these new trends in different categories. We spoke to a premier web design agency in Birmingham Kalexiko to see what they viewed as emerging trends this year.

Mobile trends


  • They told us It is expected that the emphasis will be on mobile websites this year as the smart phone sales have turned the corner for desktop sites. It is almost a given that a website will get more hits from mobiles so taking time to develop a good mobile site before the desktop site is the way to go this year.
  • And that are also going to see designers tweaking already existing mobile designs to make the webpage look great regardless of the screen size of the mobile.


Actual design


  • Kalexiko told us that they see many web designers will opt for the minimalistic and simplified look else the great content on the websites may never reach its intended targets.
  • And the increasing use of white space to help in accentuating content so there will more websites incorporating it
  • Many website owners and designers will continue to work on moving to HTML5 and CSS3 from Flash.

Visual trends


  • We expect to see more websites with the Parallax design. This provides a 3D feel to the websites.
  • Use of big images on websites is equally fast becoming a trend with many web designers having these images as the background of the website.
  • Web design is expected to be more colourful this year as many designers continue to make use of tools like Adobe Kuler to choose the best colour for their website. There is particular best colour theme to expect but we will see more websites with retro colours and subtle and calm colours.

Trends in typography


  • The era of a few web-safe fonts is slowing fading away as web designers are embracing Google Fonts, Type kits etc.



Trends in Content


  • Video content will continue to grow in popularity especially for content targeting developed climes. According to industry figures over 70% of adults in developed countries download or watch video content.
  • As the number of social media users continues to swell with each day social media integration amongst web designers will continue to improve as they look for ways to continue providing quality content to clients in places where they are readily seen. Twitter continues to lead the way as the best social network to focus on with Pinterest and Facebook not far behind.

Trends in Navigation


  • Many website designers will continue to move towards the big and bold route by making use of large and easily seen buttons on the websites
  • Vertical scrolling will become even more popular as webs designers continue to add bits like permanently glued to the side of the webpage.

With these new trends, you can consider redesigning your old webpage or building new ones to live up to these new changes. You don’t want to be left behind or lose visitors because your website looks too old and clunky!


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