Online Collaboration Tools

So you want to arrange your daily tasks or team tasks in clear order? Do you find it easy to sort the things out in the quickest way? Is it easy for you to perform your tasks in the joint form for the better sharing of ideas or research work? The solution is that you need some online collaboration tools. They get your things and deals done in the right order. The Ajax Work Space is providing you with all those online collaboration tools that you need.

Team Collaboration:

If you are working in team collaboration way then this Ajax Work Space is offering you everything that you need. You will get the options like:

  • File Sharing: You can create numerous folders and sub-folders and can share them. You can easily administer and find them. You can even decide that for how long you want any file to stay in our server. Also, you can keep a check that that has downloaded your file. The users can comment and send email notifications to the other team members. You can decide that who can see your file and who can manage it.
  • Graphic Reporting Tool: It enables the team members to have improved authority on the project. It shows the complete gird report, shows the current status, pending actions, completed action by the users. It also has the statistical graphical report.
  • Account Management: This feature allows the users to share their activities and information with each other. They could share the information on team or organizational level as well.
  • Document Management: This offers the security, indexing, retrieval, editing, and reporting. This option at Ajax Work Space enables the team to find and present all the documents online to the team. It is a secured method.

Online Project Management:

There are various projects that you run online and to manage them, you need these features of online collaboration tools of Ajax Work Space. There are:

  • Project Expenses: The project team members can submit all of their expenses related to the project here. It is up to the project owner to accept or reject the expenses.
  • Task Management: The Ajax Work Space allows the project team to map, mange, and account the task. It tells you all the features of the task such as time, status, resources, and reminders. The features of tasks are simple, check, and approved tasks. Also, there are task status and user-defined fields too. The project team can use graphical reporting tool as well.
  • Event Calendar: The team can organize and share the events of the project by marking them on the online event calendar. It is one of the online collaboration tools that keep you updated and aware of the ongoing events and tasks.
  • Workspace & Project Dashboard: Here, the project team can see the activities of the workspace. You can see the latest activities of project assigned, project events, scorecard, etc. the users can find all the project related tasks and account.

Therefore, the Ajax Work Space is the best place to manage all your works, tasks, and projects within single online collaboration tools. 

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