New Website for Your Trusted Business

As been rightly said, your business website is a face of your business. This has set up a notion that the changes in business should certainly lead to upliftment of this face; the intensity of the change depends upon many points though:

  • The age of the business
  • Any addition or subtraction in the product or service line
  • To keep up with the latest technologies and website design acceptance guidelines
  • Breaking the monotonous look and feel
  • And most importantly, as per today’s scenario, to make it more responsive and mobile-friendly.

Gone are the days of having a static website, with few relevant pages (products listing page, homepage, contact us, etc.A lot has changed in this era, where search engines have become more vigilant, users have become smarter with the use of smartphones and their expectations are seeming to be never-ending. To meet the demands, maintaining a website is as important as other functions of the business.

Here are few business-life situations which clearly send us a signal to have a newly faced business website

Just the Website-face Upliftment

The Internet is a home forscads of themes and designs for the websites. There are many categories available– illustrative, minimalist, typography, single-page (quite a popular option among business themes), etc. The choice can be made based on the type of business and the amount of data to be portrayed.Not frequently, but in a plausible period, you must think to give a makeover to your business website. And do it with a proper shout. This would give another reason to your old faithful business clients and users to visit your website. Having said that, care must be taken to not to overdo the design. Your website visitors are accustomed to your site’s idiosyncrasies; any drastic change in this can lead to a shut-off for, if not all, but many users.

Make it Responsive & Mobile Friendly

It is evident that 60 percent of mobile searches are carried out on mobile devices. In another interesting finding, 80% of the shoppers are found using their mobile phonesinside a physical store, to look forproduct reviews or price comparison or to find an alternate store location. If your business website was built before hitting this trend, then now is the time to redesign it to become mobile friendly. Approaching aweb design Los Angeles agency would give you more insights about website responsiveness and mobile friendliness.

Update Products & Services List

The changes made to your business website in case of a change in products and services, is inescapable. Again, the care must be taken not to put the website users in bewilderment with a hefty change in the menu design or navigational path. If the old theme was scalable enough to add your new list, nothing is better. But if it seems to compromise with the looks and usability of the website content, go withthe clever choice of a new design.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Navigation

As new additions are the reason for a website redesign, certain subtractions must also be on the chart. Removing a picture which is just flooding the homepage, rather than adding value to the content, will make a huge difference. The ease of website navigation is also appreciated by your website users. A better navigation is sure to increase the statistics of your website’s page views, number of clicks and it lowers the bounce rate. The more comfortable time the user would spend on your website, the more are the chances of sales.

A website is a popular means of communication between your business and the customers. An old business has earned a steady reputation, which is also fragile.Especially, for people of the present generation, this reputation is somewhat also linked to your business website. If you aim to get along with this generation, you would also need to plan a website redesigning.

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