EaseUS Partition Master Review

Can you imagine a Windows PC that has single hard disk partition? If you use your computer only to browse internet, creating documents etc, you might be okay with that. On the other hand, if purpose of the PC to store different kinds of files, including movies, documents, music, developer-based files etc, such an arrangement of hard disk will be bad, indeed. Therefore, we have no doubt that partitions are essential while setting up your computer. Nevertheless, it is almost a hard task to manage your disk partitions while using Windows. Even though there is a partition manager in Windows 7, more than often, that tool seems entirely inefficient as well as incapable of features. Furthermore, that process will become a herculean one if you are using Windows XP! Nevertheless, for all these issues, we have found an effective solution – EaseUS Partition Master! Literally speaking, EaseUS Partition Master is a third party Partition Manger that is available for devices running on Microsoft Windows. However, as you may be incredulous about tool, we will have a comprehensive review of EaseUS Partition Master in order to understand how this tool will help you.

Actually, what is EaseUS Partition Master?

Fundamentally, EaseUS Partition Master is a viable replacement for the default partition-manager tool of Windows-based computers. Unlike the default method, it is available for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1, which means that this will work on almost every Windows-based computer.

EaseUS Partition Master Review 1

According to our experience, different factors of tool, particularly user interface and quickness, make EaseUS Partition Master better than the default counterpart you can see in Windows 7. Using this tool, you can resize, move, split, merge and delete partitions from the hard disk drive as well as some other productive tasks. Altogether, this free tool will be helpful for all users who like to change current organization of hard disk drives.

Using EaseUS Partition Master for Managing Disk Drives

As of our experience, using EaseUS Partition Master is like a piece of cake! Through the tool, we can manage existing disk partitions as well as create new ones from unallocated space, if there are some in your PC. Also, when you have selected a specific disk partition, you have different options to choose. For instance, as you can see in the following image, there are several options such as resizing the partition, merge two partitions together, change drive letter as well as to delete/format partition.

EaseUS Partition Master Review 2

Among these, we find the resize option quite useful, because you can use it for extending the space of a system drive if there is insufficiency of free space. Since insufficiency in the OS drive may cause lagging in computer, this feature is indeed effective. Furthermore, the process to vary size of a disk partition is very simple, especially while considering the graphical user interface into account.

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Likewise, if you have stored same category of data in two disk drives, it will be possible for you to use the merge feature to merge the space and data together. Using this feature, we were able to retain a free space of 20GB from PC, which we had supposed to be lost. For that, however, we first separated two partitions and then merged them together.

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In addition, there is an option to recover one partition from the hard disk drive. This is quite useful, because you may loss some kinds of partitions while installing new operating systems. In such circumstances, this tool will scan the PC thoroughly to retain those partitions. Above all these, what make EaseUS Partition Master distinct from other tools are its preeminent user interface, which makes enough sense as far as usability is concerned.

Final Verdict

While considering all these sections together, we find no disadvantages in EaseUS Partition Master, especially while we add that the tool was able to do things, which are not possible using default partition manager of Windows. Also, the tool offers multitude of features such as file system conversion, dynamic to static conversion, partition wiping, a dedicated backup option, etc. To conclude, we would like to add that the tool is free for personal use. If you do not know how to use the tool, you can find several tutorials including this to resize partition windows 7 in seconds. While considering all these, EaseUS is damn productive, indeed.

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