Choosing the Right Website Building Technique

It has always been believed that if you do not know how to code, there is little chance of getting your own website. You can photoshop wireframes and download all kinds of text fonts and colours, but you will not have the expertise to turn what is visual into numbers and codes to create your envisioned website. But thanks to website builder tools, website creation has been simply accessible. However, there are still ongoing debates on whether web builder tools that does not require coding is effective or not.

If you are still on the fence about which type of website building technique you will choose, let us explore each of it.

Building Your Website from Scratch

The most glaring advantage of building your website from scratch is the design that is completely owned by you. Website builder tools, while time efficient, offer templates which have been created by designers. This means that there is a big possibility that your website will look just like somebody else’s or customise it if you know how to.

Coding will also balances aesthetic with an opportunity to maximise on-page optimisation. According to Moz, The challenge for designers is to create a website which looks engaging and can also maintain an SEO performance. They have enumerated ways in which a designer can accomplish this like webfonts, trust signals, UX codes — all of which are best practices used by coders already.

Additionally, if your website is made from scratch, it would be easy to pinpoint what else to improve or what went wrong. A designer will know the website’s structure by heart, so if there are bugs or performance hiccups, it can be easily traced.

The only disadvantage is it would take a long time for your website to be ready for launch. At the same time, if you are not coding it yourself, making a website from scratch is rather costly. On top of paying for your domain and hosting, you will also pay for tools used to achieve the design and labour of the developer.

Using Website Builder Tools

If you are a start-up company or a personal blogger, take advantage of website builders as they can be really economical since you will only have to spend for the template, hosting, and domain registration. There are lots of website builders to choose from, each of which can offer different advantages depending on what your website is going to be.

After choosing a registrar and signing up, you can immediately proceed with creating your website with their builder tools. This includes three simple steps in creating a website:

  • Choose from over 100 design templates. This includes templates for personal bloggers, photographers, eCommerce sites, and portfolio sites.

  • Customise the designs through a simple drag and drop. You are also free to upload plugins, images, and just about anything that you want to use for your website.

  • Hit publish and your website will go live!

In terms of timeline, website builder tools are indeed faster than creating a website from scratch. If you already have all the materials with you, it is just a matter of uploading them on your chosen template, moving things around, and hitting publish.

However, because other designers made the template, you will not be sure if the design is SEO friendly until you have finally launched it. The great thing about hosting platforms that offer website building tools is they make sure to highlight templates that are well-optimised, so it is only a matter of choosing templates that the hosting platforms recommend.

Choosing one over the other depends on a lot of factors: budget available, time constraint, and manpower. Both techniques present their own benefits and hindrances, it is only a matter of evaluating the resources you have at hand and basing your decision on them.

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